Here’s The Thing…

Conscious Mind verses Unconscious Mind

This is not a fad or a diet-it is simply the result of the realization that the North American food choices are, to varying degrees, inundated in one way or another with sugar. In other words, we consume large amounts of sugars which our bodies struggle to accommodate. High levels of diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity, are largely the results of food choices and/or availability and there is also the perplexing concern regarding children at very young age with dental issues and obesity.

A good analogy is alcohol. In moderation, consumption is no big deal but if we were to consume any large amount of alcohol each day then we might well expect some serious problems as our bodies struggle to cope. Both sugar and alcohol are addictive. You may not realize it but if you stop and think about what they do and how they effect your daily life you will realize how alike they are. Both control our unconscious thought! Did you know your unconscious mind is responsible for you desires? Most of us don’t think about the distinction between our conscious and unconscious thoughts, but that distinction forms a vital piece of our thought process. We are all fairly familiar with the conscious mind. Conscious learning requires the aware, intellectual grasp of specific knowledge of procedures, which you can memorize, and articulate. When we want to change an addictive habit in our lives, we usually start with a conscious decision. However, an addiction is no longer a fully conscious choice. Therefore it is almost impossible to adhere to that decision because your larger, and more powerful unconscious mind missed the memo.

For many years now I have worked as a chef. I have always enjoyed cooking and baking, so changing and/or creating recipes is something I love to do. The results at times were less than spectacular, but most of the time I was pleasantly surprised. My collection of recipes has grown to the point that I feel it is time to share them with anyone interested in not eating as much sugar as is used in most processed and prepackaged foods that are provided for our convenience.

“I like to eat and the only thing I’ve ever been addicted to in my life is sugar”

” Sometime you can impress yourself with what you can do”